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  • What We Do

We invest in promising companies around the Island and other African Countries with a specific focus . We are capable of delivering performance across multiple sectors, stages and geographies.
UNDERSTANDING OUR BUSINESSES: AAI LTD Is a Mauritius-based private company, value-oriented and portfolio investors’. We invest proprietary capital in exceptional businesses, with a focus on investing in and developing high growth in public and private companies around different sectors in Mauritius and other African Countries.
AAI LTD Networking sectors are more of a mutual fund.

AAILTD – MUTUAL FUNDS & ACTIVE NETWORKING: Belongs to the non-banking and finance sector. Is a community where people (members) introduce people and providing each other with financial help to the network in order to create a future chance of winning and getting better opportunities.
Our business strategy is to develop businesses that have a humanitarian emphasis with a meaningful impact on human life and well-being, as well as an emphasis on profitability – a win/win strategy.

Our Company, principles are Trust and Guarantee of fairness and balance which remain the cause of our goodwill.

Our mission, commits itself to complete customer satisfaction through efficient, professional and courteous services as Active Networking Mutual Funds return on initial deposit and Monthly Income Schemes etc. We ensure high standards, professional integrity & regulatory compliance through latest technology & enhancement of services by continuous improvement. To help Young and Old achieve their future dreams without stress for their vision or goals.

Our vision, is to Build, empower and expose financial freedom and success to the people’s future and Business.

ACTIVE MANAGEMENT AAI LTD has developed strong partnership relationships in working with management to provide strategic and financial support for our CLIENTS and MEMBERS portfolio and businesses which includes the Management of strategic directions, Recruitment of executives, Providing strategy counsel, Optimizing capital structures, Assisting in the structuring of corporate social responsibility and Arrangement of senior level customer introductions etc. Our approach begins with the formation of successful partnerships with the management teams of our CLIENTS and MEMBERS portfolio and businesses. Working in the business alongside management, we refine strategic and operational plans and help with their implementation. We monitor our CLIENTS and MEMBERS business performance actively.
OUR BUSINESS investment strategy focuses on many industries and different sectors where we have rich experience and a real grasp of the market factors. The focus is on business fundamentals and understanding of products, markets and people to enable us invest properly for our clients benefits.
Active Networking System“Money saved is money earned.” Regardless of your financial position, savings play an essential part of everyone’s life. We offer System that have been designed specifically to take care of your savings requirements. Our innovative financial solutions, backed by expert advice, will provide you with a truly rewarding experience.

STEPS / SYSTEM & BENEFITS: Minimum $15 USD – $1,000 USD – Earn a higher return of 50% on Initial deposit after completing your team of (3 persons) get paid within 3-5 days of confirmation (Request to withdraw your initial deposit and interest) – Earn refer Bonus of 15% on your team’s initial deposit per person you Introduced.

(1st Down-line) – Earn refer Bonus of 12% on your team’s initial deposit per person you introduced. (2nd Down-line) and Continue

VALUE FOR MONEY THROUGH NETWORKING & INTRODUCING – 3-5 Days Pay-out on Refer/Introduce Down-line – Higher return on investment– Business Ideas Seminars’ In country & Overseas’– Start Up Business Funding to Team Heads with low interest. – Unlimited Source of Income and gift items. – We have local office in your country so you can easily reach or visit us. – You deal directly with the company not individual.

WHY US: – We have office in any country we operate. – 24/7 Customer Services (Calls / Whats-app) (Weekdays office operation)

– Member’s make their transfer and Initial deposit directly to the company bank account in their country of residence.

We guarantee each member 100% return of initial deposit within 15 days if they fail to introduce their own 3 persons down-line– Member’s can walk into our office in their country and request for assistant or refund if they fail to build their network team within 15 – 30 days of complete registration.

We are an International company and have many sectors of Business operation to enable us meet up with member’s return on initial deposit.

We offer 50% percent return on initial deposit to each member on 1st stage.

We offer continue 15 – 12% percent on refer member’s and down-line’s – We offer International and local travel opportunities

We offer Business Start up assistant to our TOP member’s (conditions apply): lowest interest rate guarantee.

We offer 3-6 month FREE business professional course and unemployment salary assistant to TOP member’s or Pay-out.

Join the community, get a club card and start planning!

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