STUDY ABROAD or STUDY at our Campus(Ascending Abilities Institute)

  • All Institutions (Colleges & Universities) visits that are held at our offices plus all events, fairs, mini fairs and roadshows that we organised, are 100% free for students. We provides complete counseling service FREE, aimed at helping you to select the right university, choose the right career path, obtaining a student visa and money matters as regards tuition and living expenses.
  • We Guarantee admission into the top 100 institutions in the world at an affordable cost. This simply means that students can get into ivy-league as we have a large network of schools and actually pay little as tuition in their country of study choice.
  • Application processing for admission and scholarship with no hidden charges. We ensure undergraduate students are assured of an offer letter within 48 hours – 4 weeks of processing whilst postgraduate takes up to 4- 8 weeks. Also, scholarship of 20%-100% of tuition fees is available to our students depend on the institution and country of study.
  • Discounted tuition fees when applications are made through us. Tuition can be slashed by virtue of association with us should a student need discount on tuition for his or her study abroad.
  • Guaranteed 100% visa success rate. Our students have no problem at embassies of countries where they have chosen to further their study because we have a standard that is well recognized in the education sector.
  • Personalized Professional Attention and Care: Our vision is to genuinely assist and provide opportunities to people around the world in the line with our services and business. Our well trained and experienced multilingual counselors/consultants are committed in providing free personalized guidance and accurate advice to the general public in choosing and making the right decisions.
  • Contact us online or Visit/contact your nearest AAG Partner office Across Africa.
  • You will be requested to provide supporting documents as applicable to you.
  • Submit your application for; (STUDY or MIGRATION)
  • We review your documents and apply on your behalf.
  • Receive your offer letter.
  • Accept your offer. Once you have decided to accept the offer to the education institution of your choice, our counselor will help you prepare the forms needed to accept your offer and advice you on the payment options and specified deposits needed to be made to the institution to secure your place. Afterward, we will assist you to submit the acceptance form and draft/receipt of payment to request for your confirmation of enrollment and receipt of payment from the institution.
  • Confirmation of enrollment & Visa Documentation. Institution will issue CoE to confirm your admission. Then we will give you list of documents required for your visa application to be made either through us or by you. Once your student visa is approved, AAG will assist in applying for your accommodation, flight booking and airport reception.
  • Pre-departure session and settling down in your new country. We always organize pre-departure sessions for our clients if needed.

Services we offer


AAG Consulting provides innovative solution to your academic ambition. We handle admission from:

1. International Foundation / A level

2. Top up Degrees

3. Certificate, Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

4. Short Term credited courses

5. Masters Programmes

6. Split Site Phd and Phd Programmes

7. Study at our Campus (AAI) For; (Foundation / Diploma / Advanced Diploma/ Bachelor Degree/ Master degree or Transfer Programs)

We represent institutions in many countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Poland and other’s.

All programs are covered from Undergraduate, Postgraduate to Phd’s. We work with several leading universities and institutions in these countries via collaborative networks and partnerships with universities, higher educational centers and other agencies, in facilitating smoother and easier admission process for our students.

Our strength stems from its combined experience of over the years in educational counseling, personalized student assistance is its state-of-the-art infrastructure coupled with immense experience in the industry. It is a one-stop destination for all students desirous of going abroad for further studies.

OTHER Services

Conference & Event : We organizse events that focuses on our clients needs to enable you receive proper and detailed information on international business including education and migration.

TOUR & TRAVEL: We make sure we satisfy all our clients with best tour guide and all needed to enjoy your travel tour holiday in different countries.

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